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Hill Giant Lair

Game Summary July 9 2011
Party left the Vampire lair and found Julian riding towards them on the road. Continued to Amphail and got a room at the Stone Stallion, where Wisp suffered from the same strange malady that had taken Julian.

Preperations were interrupted by a ringing bell. Following the crowd, the party ran to a horse farm where a prize stallion had been killed by orcs. A kobold was seen, and the villagers were ready to go after if, but Cassius determined that it was good, and that it had killed the orcs who attacked the horse.

He realized that the other Kobold they killed used the same arrows, and used his magic to determine that it had been good as well. He was deeply remorseful for his role in killing the creature, and wanted to find the living kobold to make amends. Deciding that they should press on in their quest, they returned to the Inn.

Unable to help Wisp, but determining that he was in no physical danger, they loaded him into the wagon and moved on towards the Bargewright Inn. Along the way they drove their wagon into a pit and encountered an umberhulk. They killed it, but the wagon was damaged. They carried wisp back to Amphail and purchased a new wagon, setting out again.

This time, a couple of hours into their journey, they encountered an arrow stuck purposefully into the ground at the roadside They found the Kobold hiding nearby. Cassius spoke with him returned the rapier and offered to return the bow taken from the dead kobold, who turned out to be his twin brother. He took the rapier, but not the bow, and suggested that if the party wanted to pay for their mistake, they could help him kill a giant and some bugbears a day or so to the south in the hills near the stumpbog, where he also told the party that a black dragon lives.

The party left the wagon with Wisp, guarded by Aberforth, and set out to kill the giant. They found the lair, and saw two bugbear guards outside the cave mouth, but Kaver told them of a secret way in, descending down a chimney-like structure and through a small tunnel, where they could ambush the other monsters inside the cave. They made a plan and killed the bugbears and the giant, but not before the giant landed several fierce blows on Sha Udra, who would have fallen but the quick spell casting of Cassius. They recovered almost more loot than they could carry, and made a crude sled to drag it back to the wagon. At this point, Kaver left, taking a spyglass from the giant loot for his share, and saying that if Selune wills it, they would meet again, perhaps to kill the dragon together.

Pressing on, they made it to te Bargewright Inn and took a suite in the top of a tower. Cassius, Sha Udra, and Julian teleported back to waterdeep with Wisp, who had still not regained wakefulness. They left him at the temple of Oghma, and sold off the loot, dividing the proceeds among themselves, and depositing some in the vault at their home. Sha Udra took a small room, and they prepared to teleport back, but have not yet done so.


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